What's Your Score?

Well...What IS your score? (I really man soundtrack but it just wasn't as catchy!) We all have one. I have a whole bunch of them! Everyday there's a different one, actually. Today it was the soundtrack to Apollo 13. Tomorrow, who knows. My day starts off with music. It keeps me motivated, ignites my imagination and helps me be more creative. Maybe that's why some days seem more dramatic than others!

That also explains why I was so excited to join the Timucua Arts Foundation in Orlando on October 23 for a concert with Daniel Jordan and friends. The jazz was amazing and while they were providing the outstanding music, I got to be the live artist. It was a thrill! Timucua was started by the extremely talented musician, Benoit Glazer. Benoit is one of those creative people who has more energy than one person should be allowed to possess. When he's not making music, having concerts, arranging, recording, writing music theory books (and more), he's the conductor of La Nouba, Cirque du Soleil in Orlando. I love meeting people with that kind of drive! Please visit www.timucua.com and see what all the fuss is about. FYI, I'm going back there as soon as my calendar clears!

Please take a trip to the Indianapolis Art Museum and enjoy the Watercolor Society of Indiana Exhibit 2016. I was honored to be a part of it and won the Theodore M. Englehart 2nd Place award for my watercolor "Release" pictured above. It's a portrait of my youngest daughter, Jackie. I love the challenge of expressing emotion in a portrait through movement and color. I think it's essential to the likeness. The title came to me after the painting was completed. The entire show  is wonderful! I was also excited to be awarded a Signature membership.

This month besides being booked with many commissions, I will take PortalUnlimited to the Indiana Originals Holiday Expo & Marketplace! It will take place on Nov. 26 from 11am to 6pm at the Emmis Building on Monument Circle. Admission is FREE! Come downtown to shop and stop at the PortalUnlimited booth and say, HI! I'll have some special deals that day.

So....I've written 2 blogs in 32 days. That maybe a record!

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