New Year!!!!!! (a little late...) Happy New Year....It's only February. I think the sentiment is still appropriate. This winter in Indiana has been extraordinary! Very little snow. Some great warm days and most importantly, great driving conditions... for winter, anyway.

Last year was a great year for PortalUnlimited. I branched out in a few directions that I hadn't considered before and planted a few seeds that only time will demonstrate their success or failure. I'm excited about what this year brings as my ideas evolve but I'm still plagued by the hovering reminder that I'm running out of time.

May marks my 2 year anniversary and the race is on! I have a lot riding on the next 4 months. There's much to accomplish if I want to cross the finish line winner. How was that? (THAT, by the way, is why I don't write copy!) I do have plans to finish my children's book this year, though, and since it's mostly illustrations I should be good!

Commissioned artwork has been at an all time high! It's a challenge to get inside someone's thought process and find out what they want to say with a piece. It's a much different thing than creating a piece of art that someone sees than purchases. Currently there is a waiting list but you are welcome to jump on.

Stay tuned for more updates...

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