Welcome Fall

October 1 and I'm enjoying crisp weather and my morning Hazelnut coffee. I drink it everyday and I'm so used to it that I don't even appreciate that flavor anymore...unless I'm without it.

My life has been that way since my last blog post in April. I experienced the worst pain I ever had (since childbirth)...a pinched nerve. And no drug made me feel better. You realize how much you miss that painfree life when it's gone.

I trusted (unknowingly) some of the most unprofessional, dishonest individuals I have ever come in contact with (these were out of state) which made me so thankful for all of the professional people I surround myself with daily here.

And I remembered yesterday it would have been my mom's 88th birthday. Memories of her were with me all day and there's still that twinge of sadness that pops up that all of you have experienced too often in your own lives.

But there are a lot of exciting things happening as well! I have great plans for PORTALUNLIMITED! I hope some of you listened to my radio interview on WIBC with Mel McMahon of Indiana Originals. It was great to meet her and Teri Stacy in person and get to know them a bit.

I did a live artist appearance with the Greater Greenwood Community Band in Surina Park, Greenwood. It was SO much fun and I would have kept going but they ran out of music and I ran out of daylight! The painting will be silent auctioned at their Christmas concert to benefit their upcoming trip to Amsterdam.

I was juried into the Indiana Watercolor Society's annual show. It opens October 9th at the Indianapolis art Museum. Go and take a look if you get the chance.

I have another appearance coming up on October 23 in Orlando, Florida. This one is at the Timucua "White House". (Look for my Facebook link when it gets closer.) I will be painting to the music of the Greg Parnell Sextet. It should be live streamed and you'll get a chance to hear some incredible music and see me try to paint while I'm in awe of their talents. Here's a link to the venue www.timucua.com Great music only makes creating art better!

I'll be adding some new art on www.portalunlimited.com as well just in time for Christmas. And now my Hazelnut coffee is cold...

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