I'm a Bad Blogger

So I found out I'm bad at blogging. It's not that I don't have anything to say...my friends know I have a lot to say! It's just that I have been bombarded with life's exigencies and there's not been time.

I've been creating a 3 painting commission provided by an out of state grant. I'm honored to be asked to be a part of the project and as with all my work I've learned a lot and tried some new styles and techniques for me. More about them when they are unveiled next month.

I've also been consumed by a piece that I'm creating, with the intention of making signed and dated limited edition prints. It's commemorating an anniversary which I've hinted about on Facebook posts (and no it's not my recent wedding anniversary) . I go to sleep at night thinking about it and wake up and run in my studio to see if it has changed while I slept. My artist friends will know what I'm talking about here. When it's completed I'll judge to see if it is print worthy and worth the investment.

 I'm still working on a children's book which I've finished writing. Now on to the best part... the illustrating! I'm clearing my calendar to complete it which will be easy since the main character has become my grand daughter. (And in that order.) What a joy it will be to sketch the figure studies of her in action. My life is full!

Now on to the life exigencies...we are moving. Yes, the hubby, dog, cat, and I and all our stuff are moving! We had to tell our kids but they'll have to find us! We should be done by the end of April. And we are taking our time, 'cause we can...and we're old.

Stay tuned for more announcements next month !


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