Music = Color

Nothing motivates me and my creative process more than music. I can be innocently watching a movie when out of nowhere the sound track hits me! I immediately complete several awesome paintings in my head! I had my car totaled once to Aaron Copeland's "Appalachian Spring" and I never saw the accident coming! That's a good thing because the box truck was a lot bigger than me and I would have had a heart attack! I remember after the car stopped spinning, the first thing I was able to do was reach past the air bags and turn off the CD player. I don't know, it just didn't seem appropriate to have that beautiful piece be part of the moment. Music is a healer, teacher, motivator, inspiration, propagator of raw emotions... the list continues. A perfect gift from God.

Color is that way, too, in my book. Have you ever gone to a big home improvement center and grabbed as many paint chips as possible to take home and arrange for your next painting? (Me either but I think I will!) I delight in scouring the work of others to see how they handle color solutions. I love seeing successful combinations and I enjoy figuring out what doesn't work for me. I think, in my little world, it is synonymous with music. An abstract work can wreak havoc on your emotions just with color or lack of it. As with the tone, intensity and chords of music, the same is with color. It just fills the artist's world.

So as I continue to fill my world with good music and vibrant colors, I hope you will notice a difference in what I put out there! I will be experimenting and tip-toeing out of that famous (or infamous) "comfort zone" we hear so much about.

And BTW, it was the box truck's fault.



Dianna PorterComment