The beginning...

There are a lot of reasons that have lead me to the decision to start a print business. I swore I'd never do it even though as a professional illustrator, I saw my work mass produced many times. I guess I figured fine art was different. Well, I've changed my mind.

Somehow this past year my perspective on many things has changed. I lost both parents within 3 months of each other. My husband went through an agonizing back surgery (3 of them in fact) and our lives were forever changed. And way beneath it all, in order of importance, I turned 60. That number reverberates in my brain every time I think it. As I watched many loved ones suffer physically, it's hard to watch, and many close friends suffer spiritually, equally as difficult to see, I realized how precious time is and I'm running out of it.

We were blessed in January, the month of new beginnings, with a beautiful granddaughter, Brooklyn, and our healing began. We feverishly text her picture back and forth frequently and everyday my co-workers politely ask me to show them my new Brooklyn pics of the day.(I so appreciate that!) She is the light of our lives bringing us crazy great joy and she reminds me continually that God's grace is renewed everyday.

So as you might guess you'll be seeing a lot of Brooklyn in my work...maybe not literally in every painting but certainly in the musical rhythms of my heart and the colors from my soul. And as I try to get into the swing of this "60" thing. I'll be making art and sharing it here!