“As long as I have the ability to see, I will be creating art. I begin each piece with a specific goal in mind. It may be as simple as documenting a moment in time or as complicated as imitating a mood on a 2 dimensional surface. I won’t be content to continually create the same work and I won’t stop until the creative solution is found. Therefore, my work is never done. I am constantly trying to depict those things that are seen in order to excite a sense or stir up a memory.” -Dianna Porter

My vision has always been to share my view of the world through my art and do it to the very best of my ability. With each piece of newly created art I try to surpass the last. My goal in starting this company is to make artwork that is affordable and easily available to whoever will enjoy it. PortalUnlimited has given me the opportunity to do both. As a trained illustrator and fine artist I have had to master many mediums and styles. Consequently, I never do the same thing and my dreams are fresh everyday! 

Check back often to take a look at what's new! Those dreams are coming true!

Dianna Porter has worked professionally as an illustrator, designer, and fine artist for 40 years. Her work has won numerous awards and has been exhibited in many group and solo shows. She graduated with honors from Kendall School of Design in Grand Rapids, MI in 1975