Beginning Watercolor Series


Beginning Watercolor Series


Join me for a morning of fun with watercolor techniques. You’ll learn the basics of this exciting medium and how it reacts in certain circumstances. You will be encouraged to draw as much as you can on your own and we will also go over principles and elements of design while creating art!

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Supply list:

Watercolor paper (140 lb)

* Yarka paints or Tube sets are acceptable. Students sets are okay to start with!

* Canson cold press 140lb water color tablet, 12x18 in or larger

* Brushes - I suggest a #10 round to start with or bring what you already have.

* Flat, hard board to paint on. (Cardboard will work. We will be taping the paper to it.)

* 2 water containers

* Masking tape

* Paper towels/old rags.

* Any size sketch book and pencil